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Initially there is an extensive case history taken which may last in excess of an hour.

The current condition, previous illnesses, family history, diet and lifestyle and environmental factors are all taken into account and a physical examination may also be required. Having reached a diagnosis, a plan of treatment will be formulated.

During these consultations the practitioner will explain the principles of Ayurveda so that there will be a full understanding of the way in which this system may operate within the patient’s life


All diseases have a physical, mental and spiritual dimension. Their treatment similarly have a physical, mental and spiritual component. Yoga, meditation, breathing, herbs and other manual therapies are used to correct the out of balance condition restoring  the Doshas to their proper state. The gentle healing process gradually penetrates to the deepest tissues and slowly but surely improves the state of health.

Diet and lifestyle both contribute to the wellbeing of an individual. Advice is given to improve the diet and address lifestyle changes so that the individual has a complete set of tools to integrate Ayurveda into their  daily lives.

Caring support is available at all times.