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Traditional Indian Detoxification and Healing Process

Pancha Karma is a deep tissue detoxification process that originates in ancient India. This 12 day program reaches into the organs and cells of the body, cleaning and purifying them so that they can function well and build up the body’s self-healing ability. In natural medicine we rely on the body and mind to do the healing, bringing them back into balance and into a healthy state. A Pancha Karma cure is the first step in the natural healing process. A path to health and happiness.

We have chosen Mattsee, a beautiful and peaceful lake resort in easy reach of Salzburg to run the Pancha Karma cure. Seminar Pension Sterntaler sits on the lake. It is a comfortable and welcoming house, somewhere that you can relax, take in nature and feel your whole being release and renew.

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Pancha Karma in Mattsee, Salzburg, Austria