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Yoga for All - Stress and toxins build up in the body every day. We lose energy and enthusiasm and start feeling a little depressed or grumpy. Yoga is a natural and easy way to release tension, stress and toxins from the body making you feel light, mobile and healthy. 20 minutes yoga for example every morning can improve digestion, concentration, release body aches and make you feel bright and ready for the day. The results can be amazing.

Yoga Therapy  is a healing system that is used alongside Ayurveda. Exercises are given to release tensions and realign the body so that it functions in a balanced and healthy way. A therapy session would begin with identifying the main complaints which may be muscular-skeletal, organic, systemic, neurological or psychological. A series of postures, breathing exercises and meditation exercises is developed specifically for the patient’s condition. These would be practiced on a daily basis. From time to time it may be necessary to have a follow-up session to monitor progress and adjust the daily program.

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